Online Coaching

Tired of looking and feeling ordinary? Are you ready to look EXTRAordinary?

When you cut to the chase I guess I’d sum-up my work as helping ordinary people look and feel extraordinary. And don’t gloss over that “feel” part. Looking great naked is one thing, but feeling great is important too. That’s why I focus heavily on nutrition and invested in becoming a Certified Precision Nutrition Coach.

Now, perhaps you’ve tried and failed to lose weight already. Maybe you’ve been hitting the weights and not seeing the results. Whatever it is … whatever your challenge, you came here for a reason. You came here because you’re either struggling or you want to accelerate your progress and take things to the next level. 

And here’s the thing, the mechanisms of muscle building and fat loss are incredibly simple.

Take muscle building, for example:

You just need to systematically stress your muscles in such a way that it triggers the body’s natural, adaptive response to new demands placed upon it and maintain a hypercaloric state to fuel said adaptation.

Simple, eh?

Hmm. Okay, maybe not. How about this?

Lift weights, looking to improve your lifts over time, and eat more food than you usually do.

The reality is that they say the same thing. But depending on where you are on your journey, your experience in the gym and overall knowledge of the body and building muscle, one appears “simple” and the other something from a textbook or science lab.

And that’s my job. To meet you where you are. To give you a path forward using language and terms you can understand. To Impart the same critical knowledge and advice, but packaged in a way that you can learn from it and actually use it.

Because coaching is about people and communication, not just workouts, macros and meal plans.


Not everyone is ready to live a life less ordinary.

I mean, they want the body alright. They want to shred body fat and stretch the sleeves of their favorite tee.

But some are not ready to show-up every day and put in the hard work. To make the tough choices. To suffer some level of hardship. To take the knock-downs and keep getting back-up.

But that’s not you, right?

You’re different. You know that anything worth having is never easy. That’s what makes it so damn special. That’s what makes a lean, muscled body so extraordinary. If it were easy we’d all be taking bathroom selfies and walking around with shirts busting at the seams.

So if you’re ready, let’s do this. and get you that body you want and deserve.


Group Coaching

The most affordable way to work with me with the added value of community and a shared training experience.

  • Block periodized workouts performed by all group members
  • Group coaching and Q&A
  • Generalized help with nutrition
  • Strength in community and a shared training experience
  • Accountability
  • Lower price point
Personal Coaching

Continually personalized one-on-one coaching tailored to meet your individual goals and starting point.

  • Full assessment to understand your goals
  • Individualized training plans to meet your specific needs
  • Calorie and macro planning
  • Nutrition guidance
  • Mobile app for workout tracking and two-way messaging
  • Ongoing assessment calls