Welcome to Uncommon Sense!

Chances are, if you’re reading this, you’ve caught things nice and early; Uncommon Sense Physique and Nutrition is brand new, and just getting going.

Born out of sheer frustration from the overwhelming number of fitness websites peddling utter garbage and my total disdain for charlatan “fit pros” selling quick fixes and secret sauce, I have a very clear vision of what Uncommon Sense Physique will and will not be.

What’s in a name?

For years, aghast at the stupidity of what are quickly becoming industry norms, I used to say to people “Surely common sense must tell you that information is bogus?”. But of course, I quickly realized what I took for common sense was in fact not common at all. Not even close. So whether it be the number of calories in a gram of fat, or the fact that you can’t out-train a bad diet, there are a great many things that good people just don’t know.

And thus Uncommon Sense Physique was born.

Second, you’ll note from the logo that I cover both physique AND nutrition. I can’t tell you how much bad advice there is out there related to diet, and never more so with fitness nutrition. The reasons for this are many, but in short it comes down to this: Diet and nutrition is a complex subject, and if you want more than just the sum of someone’s personal experiences, you’ll want to work with someone that’s been trained in the fundamentals of food nutrition and nutrition coaching. Too many coaches focus either exclusively on the training aspects, or provide clients with insufficient nutritional advice to lead a healthy lifestyle. This is why I opted to invest in becoming a Precision Nutrition Certified Coach.

Substantive, proven nutrition coaching is the missing component in health and fitness

PN1 Certified CoachingThe Precision Nutrition Level 1 Certification is the industry’s most respected education program. It gives coaches the knowledge, systems, and tools they need to really understand how nutrition influences a person’s health and fitness.

Developed over 15 years, and proven with nearly 100,000 clients, the Precision Nutrition curriculum stands alone as the authority on the science of nutrition and the art of coaching.

What you can expect from working with me:

  • A holistic coaching approach that centers on coaching people not problems (i.e. behaviors, not just outcomes)
  • Empathy and understanding, and the perfect amount of instruction
  • A guide on the road to total wellness, mind and body
  • Results that last for the long-term (i.e. education and behavior change, not just a script to follow)
  • Support from our growing community and my network of fitness professionals
  • The humility to acknowledge my shortcomings and make referrals when more help is needed

What you won’t get working with me:

  • Short-cuts, the secret-sauce or nuggets pulled from the rainbow-colored poops of unicorns
  • Endless memes about how warrior-like it was to complete that set of squats the other day
  • Pigeon-holed into a program or diet that doesn’t fit in with your lifestyle
  • Lambasted for making mistakes, knowingly or otherwise
  • Four of my blog posts glued together as a PDF and marketed as a free e-book

Oh, and if you came here looking for Visceral Shift, alas it is no more. Visceral Shift has now been replaced with Uncommon Sense, although the content is still here and part of the site. In fact, you can still read an original copy of the manifesto that birthed Uncommon Sense Physique and Nutrition, as well as my personal story.

So poke around, join our Facebook group, and reach out to me to discuss your individual goals.

To your health… and abs!